The Dangers of Driving With a Cracked Windshield 

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A cracked windshield may seem like a small blemish on your car, but it can be a big safety hazard. Unfortunately, this is something many motorists choose to overlook, unknowingly putting themselves, their passengers, and other motorists in danger. This post considers some of the risks that could result due to driving with a cracked windshield.

What can cause a cracked windshield?

There are several things that can cause a windshield to crack, and it’s important to be aware of the potential risks. One of the most common causes of windshield damage is flying debris. Stones kicked up by other vehicles can easily shatter a windshield, and it’s important to be extra cautious when driving behind trucks or construction vehicles. Other potential causes of windshield damage include extreme temperature changes and improper installation. In some cases, a crack in the windshield may spread slowly over time due to the weight of the glass. If you notice any cracks in your windshield, it’s important to have them repaired before they get worse.

Risks of Driving With a Cracked Windshield

A cracked windshield is more than just a cosmetic issue. In fact, it can pose serious safety hazards, including the following:

Reduced Visibility.

Cracked windshields can obstruct your view while driving, which can be extremely dangerous. This is because even a small crack can block the driver’s line of sight to the road, making it difficult to see potential hazards. It gets even worse in cases of rough weather or low-light situations. In some cases, the windshield cracks may even cause refraction of light that can further impair the driver’s vision, resulting in avoidable collisions and accidents on the road.

Compromises Structural Integrity.

In addition to reducing your visibility, a cracked windshield can also increase your chances of being injured in an accident. This is because the windshield provides structural integrity to the car in the event of a collision. When it’s cracked, that support is compromised, and the likelihood of being injured in an accident increases. Over time, the small crack continues to increase in size, making the windshield even more vulnerable. In extreme cases, a cracked windshield can shatter completely, leaving the occupants of the car vulnerable to serious injuries.

Ineffective Airbag Deployment.

In the event of a collision, the airbags are designed to deploy and provide cushioning for the occupants of the car. However, if the windshield is cracked, it can prevent the airbags from deploying properly. The airbags rely on the car windshield glass to provide a backstop so that they can inflate towards the passengers. This can leave you and your passengers vulnerable to serious injuries in the event of an accident.

It Can Get You Into Trouble With the Authorities.Windshield Repair Portland

Driving with a broken windshield can also get you into trouble with the authorities. In most states, it’s illegal to drive with a cracked/broken windshield which can result in serious fines. In some cases, you may even have your driver’s license suspended. So not only is driving with a cracked windshield dangerous, but it can also lead to legal consequences. 

Can a cracked windshield shatter?

Yes, a cracked windshield can shatter. In fact, it’s one of the most common causes of shattered windshields. A cracked windshield is more likely to shatter if it’s hit by a stone or other hard objects, or if it experiences a sudden change in temperature. If you have a shattered windshield, it’s important to get it replaced as soon as possible.

How much will a new windshield cost?

The cost of a new windshield will vary depending on the make and model of your car. For an accurate quote, call your local auto glass professionals.

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